Mosque/Prayer Room proposal for 200 student High School in Malawi, Africa… below: typical dorm cluster

Choiseul police sta  Choiseul Police Station Refurbishment


Keep scrolling down for all images; thanks
                  After  image022 Laborie Police Station

FRC front concept

Concept Sketch–Folk Research Centre



Reprographic Centre & Classroom-Administrative Block (above), SALCC  Theme for  Repro Centr: “to stamp out the Millenium Bug”

Salcc Library control fl plan 'A'
             Salcc Hunter Francois Library Foyer Modernization Focused on Security

Roof Redesign–Methodist Infant School, Castries


Bexon primary sch 29 11 13              bexon-school Bexon Primary School

Former Rodney Bay Residence now Cuban embassy

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