Residential & Hospitality

Giles Romulus House , Bonneterre ,Gros Islet SL

Keep scrolling down for all images; thanks

House on Hill SL Terrain Model in Archicad
Loft House
Buchan Villa, Laborie, SL
Buchan Villa Section
Proposed Buchan Villa on steep Hill–terrain model in Archicad
Bariteau Inn, Soufriere
Lyn Belmar House (now Sharon Belmar George House, Anse la Raye, SL
J B Michel House , MOrne Giraud , Gros Islet SL
Concept for Dr. Mondesir
Architect’s House , Entrepot, Castries
Apartments by beach
G. Bariteau INN Proposal
Sketch of Norbert Wilson Residence, Morne Fortune SL
3D Render P. Fraites House
Belmar House Front/Entry

Rodney Bay House now Cuban Embassy, formerly Ena Borde Residence

Peter St Clair House in Saltibus, Laborie
Bois D’orange Village Guest House Floor Layout
Carport sketch

Cap Estate Ranch Style House
P. Fraites House , Top of World, Marisule, rendered in Archicad
J B. Michel House vw from bottom
VF House

Freeport, Bahamas Concept

BB Suites with partial Green roof

Revised Reception building above

Masterplan below:

Preliminary Reception |Bldg & Floor Layouts of BB Villas below:

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